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The Walhalla Hall of Fame and Honor (1830-1842) is a neo-classical Germanic hall of fame located near Regensburg (Germany) and conceived by the architect/artist Leo von Klenze (1784-1864). Whereas the Valhalla of Norse mythology was home to those who gloriously died on the battlefields, Leo's Walhalla was intended not only for warriors and soldiers but also for Germanic scientists, writers and musicians. On the Walhalla's inauguration, there were 160 plaques and busts and only 31 have been added since for a total of 191 (of which only 12 are women). 
Located on top of a hill, the building has a mysterious monumentalism which clearly echoes the Parthenon in Athens and even though it is not really my cup architectural tea, it's a very relevant project which more or less marks the birth of Germany as a nation.

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