Buckminster Knows 042

I know, the third cylindrical building in a row (it' s actually octagonal). I promise to post something else tomorrow. 
The Malin Residence (or Chemosphere), John Lautner's (1911-1994) masterpiece, was built in West-Hollywood for Leonard Malin, an aerospace engineer, in 1960. 
The impressive structure consists of a wood-beam skeleton-cage tied to a steel compression ring mounted on a 1,5 m wide cast-concrete column with eight steel supports to each vertices, while the entrance is solved by a skybridge. The house was renovated in 2001 for its new owner, publisher Bernard Taschen and Features dropped in 1960 because technologically impossible or too or too costly were reintroduced. 
Dymaxion House, anyone?  

[image credits at susi-a.blogspot.com]

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