Buckminster Knows 044

I was going to post a nice little Loos today, but it seems since 'Angels and Demons' was released, all of a sudden everyone is interested in Bernini. So here you go...
Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), one of the most outstanding architects of his time, was first and foremost a sculptor and Sant'Andrea al Quirinale (1661) was his first complete church. 
Perhaps odd for an architect so associated with Baroque, Bernini's fa├žades are remarkably orthodox. Despite their occasional curves, they rarely break the rules laid down by Vitruvius in his Ten Books of Architecture. The outside clearly contrasts with the highly original interior, which features an oval plan with the short axis leading to the altar flanked by four square and four oval-shaped apses. The highlight of the church is the golden dome with oculus and putti swinging over the smaller windows, adding a highly theatrical effect to the interior while showing Bernini's remarkable talent as a sculptor. 

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