Buckminster Knows 053

Back from Germany a day later than expected, got great Mies pics but i'm saving them for Buckminster Knows # 100. 
For today I have something else in mind, Konstantin Melnikov's (1890-1974) Melnikov House (1929). I'm sure you've seen it before, as it has been published numerously. The house/atelier consists of two interlocking white cylinders, with walls pierced by dozens of hexagonal windows. The two volumes are linked by a spiral staircase, resulting in some wedge-shaped rooms. 
Melnikov lived here until his death, and it is only by chance that this building has survived, since it is located in one of the most wanted real estate areas in Moscow. 
The Melnikov House was restored to its original state by Konstantin's son in the 1980's. 

[image credits here]

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