Buckminster's true architectural stories 1

CD=Cedric Buckminster   SOAB= snobby and overpriced art and architecture bookshop.

CD: Hi, can I have a copy of Camillo Sitte's City planning according to artistic principles? I can't seem to find it anywhere. 
SOAB: I have never heard of it, sir, but I'll see if I can order a copy. 
CD: Thank you.
SOAB: [after a 10-minute search on the database computer] Sir, are you mocking me? That book has  been out of print since 1965. 
CD:  :-⎢  

Could this be one of the causes of the architectural malaise in the 21st century? Is maybe the wrong literature being sent into the world? While crappy architectural magazines featuring beautiful pictures of horrible buildings by even worse architects seem to effortlessly sell thousands of copies, a must-read classic like Camillo Sitte's City planning hasn't been printed in more than 40 years?!  
Publishers, professors, writers...please. Protect the future of architecture. Bring back Camillo!

[review by John Hill at archidose here]

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