Buckminster Knows 073

Il Palazzo dei Cogressi in Rome (1954) by Adalberto Libera (1903-1963)

When I think of repetition, I think less of standardisation and more about music and art, I think of the city and of the everyday. Repetition implies the replication of an element, over and over, and while I experience intensity in this sameness, brought about by the repetition of pattern, I also see the potential in the variation within sameness. Nature shows us replicas are never identical but rather a repertoire of subtle differences with regard to a given type.

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When I think of repetition in terms of architecture and urbanism, I regard it as a strategic concept that may be explored in formal, social and emotinal terms. This strategy is experiential, rigorous in expression, yet loose and adaptable, as it can be modified to suit a place, use or way of life.

excerpt from Sameness by Stephen Bates

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